Senate Candidate Bambenek Strongly Condemns Senator Radogno for Spending Caucus Funds in Primary Race Against Her Pledge

From the campaign of John Bambenek for State Senate (52nd District)…

Campaign Finance Filings Do Not List In-Kind Contribution in Potential Violation of Law

CHAMPAIGN, IL (January 13, 2012) — According to online domain registration information from, Senate Candidate Alan Nudo’s domain (and potentially web design and hosting fees) was paid for by the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee and was set up by Ryan Cudney, the executive director of that committee. Senator Radogno has repeatedly committed to stay out of Republican primaries and this provides clear evidence on not only picking a side, but spending funds on behalf of that candidate.

“Senator Radogno has committed to the Republicans in this state, and more importantly, to members of her caucus that she would remain out of primaries. These records show that she not only is very much involved in this primary, but she is spending caucus funds in support of Nudo. Worse yet, both Nudo’s campaign and the caucus committee do not report these in-kind contributions and potentially violate campaign finance disclosure laws”, Bambenek said.

The domain registration information is attached to this press release and can be viewed independently at the following url:

Republican Senate Candidate John Bambenek requests that both committees immediately amend their campaign finance filings with accurate information to fully detail the amount of financial contributions that the Nudo campaign has received from Radogno.

John Bambenek Is a candidate for the Illinois State Senate of the 52nd District.

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