Sandack Files Resolution to Impose Term Limits on IL Legislators SJRCA0041 Continues Sandack’s Effort to Reform Springfield

From the campaign to elect Ron Sandack (81st House District)…

SPRINGFIELD, IL – SJRCA0041, Senator Ron Sandack’s resolution to impose 10-year term limits on Illinois Legislators, was read into the record yesterday during perfunctory session.

Sandack stressed the importance of this long-overdue reform: “It’s high time we returned to a citizen legislature where citizen-servants attended to the business of the State and then returned home to their community. It is a privilege to serve. Being a member of the General Assembly should not be an opportunity to get connected or rich.”

The resolution proposes a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit a person from holding office in the Illinois legislature for more than 10 years. This service would be cumulative, meaning that it would count time served in either chamber as well as time served non-consecutively. The resolution can be viewed here.

“I’ve been fighting to reform government for years, starting in Downers Grove when as a Trustee and then Mayor our team at the Village enacted unprecedented and sweeping campaign and ethics reforms,” Sandack continued. “Unlike typical politicians, I am leading by example. When I arrived in Springfield I declined to participate in the State pension system or accept the State’s generous healthcare benefits because I believe that part time legislative positions should not receive full time benefits, especially since we are to act as public servants.”

About Ron Sandack:
Ron Sandack is the former Mayor of Downers Grove, appointed State Senator for the 21st District, and a partner at Gaido & Fintzen. He received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his Juris Doctor from DePaul University’s College of Law. Ron and his wife Kevan live in Downers Grove with their two children: Clare (14) and Jack (12). To learn more about Ron and his campaign:

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