Ron Sandack for Illinois House District 81‏

From the campaign to elect Ron Sandack (81st House District)…

On March 20 I will be on the ballot seeking to serve you as the State Representative from the 81st State House District. I want to earn your vote.

I have been serving our community in Springfield since November of 2010. During my tenure at the State Capitol, I have tried to be a difference maker. Given current circumstances with our State, we must have leaders who refuse to accept the status quo. In that regard, the first thing I did after being sworn in was to decline to participate in the legislative pension and health care plans. I was the first member of the General Assembly to do so (three others have since followed suit). I did so because I believe citizen-servants are needed in Springfield now, not more career politicians receiving full time benefits. Full time benefits do not square with part time public service positions; and the State cannot afford more pension liabilities. To punctuate this point, I filed a bill seeking to end legislative pensions going forward. I am the sole sponsor of that bill (SB 2498).

The second thing I did was to decline to participate in the long-abused legislative scholarship program, a program that for many years was fraught with political shenanigans and abuse. The good news here is, that program may soon go away, because another bill I sponsored, SB 2570, seeks to end this long-abused program and appears to be picking up momentum.

Here’s the reality check: Illinois is 48th in job creation but first in bonded indebtedness and unfunded public pension liabilities. This must be reversed. And it can be so long as serious and committed people are sent to Springfield to serve and make difficult decisions … in the face of political expediency and re-election concerns. The financial challenges our State faces motivates me to serve and try to make a positive difference.

When I was Mayor of Downers Grove I helped guide the Village during unprecedented financial challenges; conditions eclipsed only by the Great Depression. During my tenure we had balanced budgets and despite many difficulties we were able to reduce the size and scope of Village government without sacrificing needed police, fire and public works services. In fact, when I started as Mayor the Village had 374 full time employees and a yearly operating budget of $43 million. When I left office, full time head count was reduced to 329 employees and our operating budget was $39 million – all with continued high level essential services. This kind of careful financial stewardship is desperately needed in Springfield. But to do so, difference makers need to be elected.

Today my campaign website went live: Please take a few moments to peruse my website. The first thing you’ll see is that it’s very different than most campaign websites. It is replete with content; significant issues, detailed position statements and important information. Lots of information. And lots of opportunities for engaged people to become more involved with their State and its future. The reason for this is simple. It is to highlight the choices available in this election: Substance over form and action over words. If after reviewing my website and learning about my candidacy you think I am your kind of public official, I have an ask: I want your name listed as a supporter and I want you to consider asking your friends, family and neighbors to take a look at my candidacy and give what I have done a fair look.

I hope you’ll do me the honor of supporting and voting for me. Together we can revive and restore our State. Thank you.

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