Republican State Senate Candidate John Bambenek Receives Endorsements

From the campaign of John Bambenek for State Senate (52nd District)…

Bambenek Recognized for Knowledge of the Issues, Standing for Citizens, Stance Against Corruption, Commitment to Fiscal Responsibility, and Pro-Life Stance

CHAMPAIGN, IL (January 30, 2012) — Republican State Senate Candidate for the 52nd District John Bambenek has been endorsed by several current state legislators as well as several major conservative organizations.

Bambenek has been endorsed by State Senators Shane Cultra, Kyle McCarter, and Dan Duffy. State Representative Chapin Rose has also endorsed his candidacy, along with the Illinois Center Right Coalition. He has also been endorsed by the Illinois Tea Party. This group has recognized him for his understanding of the fiscal problems faced by the state and willingness to take a stand for the citizens of Illinois, as well as his commitment to fight corruption.

In addition, Illinois Citizens for Life endorses Mr. Bambenek, recognizing both that he has a strong pro-life position and a commitment to Life, as well as his efforts to unseat a pro-abortion incumbent, current State Senator and Democrat Mike Frerichs. The organization is launching an effort to mobilize its supporters and pro-life voters in the district by informing them of its endorsement and encouraging their support.

John Bambenek Is a candidate for the Illinois State Senate of the 52nd District.

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