Rep. Dold Welcomes the President’s Proposal for Simplifying the Government

From the office of Rep. Robert Dold (Ill., 10th District)…

U.S. Representative Robert Dold (IL-10) issued the following statement today on the President’s request to merge federal agencies:

“I welcome the President’s proposal for putting small businesses first and working to fix some of the layers of red tape and bureaucratic obstacles that face job creators today and I look forward to reading more of the details on this proposal. As a small business owner, I understand the frustration that so many have today with the uncertainty in the government. It can often take a dozen phone calls just to figure out if you are reaching the correct agency. Streamlining the federal government and making it more transparent and simple is key to saving taxpayer money and opening up opportunities and resources for small businesses, hard-working families and the like.”

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