Patlak Campaign Exposes Opponents Democratic Roots‏

From the office of Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Dan Patlak…

There is an important race for Republicans in Cook County in March. The race is for Commissioner of the Cook County Board of Review and it will determine whether Dan Patlak, a true Republican, will continue to represent the 1st District on the Board of Review or a lifelong Democrat, Sean Morrison, who is now shilling himself as a Republican.

At a recent debate, Mr. Morrison said this as to why he had never voted in a Republican primary until he ran for Board of Review: “There are no quantitative, viable offices to run for as a Republican, there’s not.”

Until he moved to Palos Park a few years ago, Morrison lived in Chicago’s 19th ward on the South Side and he says this is why he never voted in a Republican primary. But what about federal elections? State-wide races?

According to the Chicago Board of Elections records, Mr. Morrison voted in Democratic primaries his entire life. Not once did he ever vote in a Republican primary. He never picked up a Republican ballot to vote in a contested Republican primary until he decided to run for the Board of Review as a Republican.

Mr. Morrison didn’t vote in a Republican primary in 1996, for instance, when there was a contested race to see who the Republican candidate would be for the U.S. Senate. He didn’t in 1998 when Peter Fitzgerald became the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. And Mr. Morrison didn’t vote in the Republican primaries of 2004 and 2008. He also didn’t vote in the Republican primaries for governor in 2002 and 2006; which featured multiple candidates. Contested Republican primaries and Mr. Morrison failed to pick up a Republican ballot.

A basic premise for most voters is that they expect honesty from their public servants. When a candidate runs for office as a Republican without revealing he spent his life as a Democrat, that should raise a red flag as to whether or not the voters are being deceived about the candidate’s true Party identification.

Not only is Dan the only experienced and qualified candidate in the Republican primary, Dan is the only Republican who has worn that label publicly and proudly since he graduated from college in 1984. Dan volunteered on several Republican campaigns before he became a precinct captain in 1993 for the Maine Township Regular Republican Organization. After a few years, he served as the organization’s treasurer. When his family moved to Wheeling in 2003 he became a Precinct Captain for the Republicans of Wheeling Township and was eventually named a Deputy Committeeman. In Wheeling Township, Dan was elected to be the township assessor.

Dan has taken a Republican ballot in every primary since 1984 and has never contributed money to a Democratic candidate for any office. Finally, Dan has carried water for the elephant as a Republican volunteer, knocking on thousands of doors, making thousands of phone calls and stuffing thousands of envelopes on behalf of Republican candidates. Mr. Morrison cannot say that.

According to records obtained from the Illinois Board of Elections (see here), Mr. Morrison made contributions to the 19th Ward Democratic Organization, the most recent contribution coming in June of 2009, after he moved out of Chicago (doesn’t that undermine the Morrison excuse about the Democrats being “the only place to go for basic city services?”-Illinois Review, December 28, 2009). A different article in the South Town Star, December 31, 2009, said “Morrison acknowledged he was pressured to give to Democrats while living in the 19th Ward. What would happen if he were pressured while serving on the Democrat controlled Board of Review?” He also contributed thousands of dollars to a third generation Democrat Precinct Captain who ran for 19th Ward alderman in 2003-Chicago Tribune, February 2, 2007.

In the most recent election for Cook County Board President in 2010, Mr. Morrison could have contributed to Roger Keats, the Republican nominee. However, the only candidate for County President he opened his wallet for was a lifelong Chicago Democrat (see here).

Furthermore, Mr. Morrison never joined any Republican volunteer organizations until he decided to run for the Board of Review. Sean Morrison’s questionable transformation to the Republican Party conveniently coincides with his desire to hold public office.

In 2010, Dan became the first Republican to defeat a Democrat incumbent Cook County officeholder in fifteen years when he defeated Brendan Houlihan. Dan provides a true Republican voice on the Board of Review. In order to have a real victory in November of 2012, and continue some political balance at the Board, we need to nominate a real Republican who will provide a check and balance to the Democrat dominance in Cook County government. Dan Patlak is that Republican.

Commissioner-Cook County Board of Review (1st district)

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