Open Letter to School District U-46 -- You Insult Us

This is an open letter to School District U-46

TO: Dr. Jose Torres, Superintendent, School District U-46 and Dr. Ushma Shah, Chief of Equity and Social Justice, School District U-46

Let me begin by emphasizing how insulting it is to have to address anyone in this sacred nation who carries as offensive a job title as ‘Chief of Equity and Social Justice’. It is an affront to the senses and values of any American who cherishes freedom.

Unfortunately (and conveniently for you), the open school board meetings do not allow sufficient time for those of us who pay your salaries to be able speak and finish our thoughts, nor do they allow for any form of rebuttal to the type of leftist propaganda that the Chief of Social Justice, Ms. Shah, spewed at the meeting of January 23rd.

It is quite apparent in your attempt to sell the notion of ‘equality of opportunity’, that you conveniently hijacked the use of the word ‘opportunity’, and in a very conniving manner, substituted it for the words you didn’t have the courage to say – ‘results’ or ‘achievement’. In a nation that cherishes and has long stood for freedom, there is no such thing as ‘social justice’. It’s a figment of the liberal imagination and is steeped in a belief system that says underachievers are ‘victims’ and that ‘entitlements’ should be mandated in order to guarantee their success.

What you consider success is a hollow and short-lived victory at best. You don’t advocate or teach the values that cause people to earn their way through life and, therefore, students are never equipped to sustain success. Further, you (Ms. Shah) claim that your social experiment will help everyone, yet you fail to explain/define not only how it is measured, but also how that is manifested for middle- and higher-performing students. What the two of you and your lemmings on the board are attempting to do is despicable and an insult to the millions who have defended this country’s freedom. Patrick Henry didn’t seek ‘guarantees of achievement’ in his famous quote from 1775 – instead, he stated “give me liberty, or give me death”. Your attempts to engineer ‘success’ by policy mandates while knowingly limiting the freedom of others to earn their success is an affront to every freedom-loving American – and you should be ashamed – and fired!

And I’m not holding my breath that you’re going to even entertain the notion of helping higher-performing students. Cutting to the essence of your belief system, the goal of “closing the achievement gap” is predicated on the assumption that in order for more students to succeed, others must sacrifice results. After all, how do you close the gap unless you curtail or stymie the development of those you seem to feel have already learned enough?

It would serve you well to listen carefully to the thoughts and words of Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Allen West. Each of their speeches would have been appropriate counterpoints to your manipulative presentation at last Monday’s school board meeting. And, yes, I do mean manipulative. It was very evident that you packed the house with your cronies to echo your words after your presentation. Here are the messages from these two men from the past 3 days:

West Clear on Where Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and Wasserman-Schultz Can Go – By Congressman Allen West, at – Congressman Allen West at the Palm Beach County Lincoln Day Dinner – Congressman Allen West removes your masks of ‘social justice’ and reveals you for what you believe and what you are trying to achieve. We who believe in freedom and earning have no desire to be part of your push for what Rep. West describes as slavery, secession, segregation, and socialism.

Marco Rubio Delivers Weekly GOP Address – By Senator Marco Rubio, at – 1/28/12 – Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) Delivers Weekly GOP Address on the Promise of America – Senator Rubio speaks to the mindset that you seem to share with Obama that says ‘victims’ will be better off if we can simply punish others. As Rubio so accurately reminds us, people have fled this form of tyranny for ages. But yet, you want to institutionalize it.

Please also share this information with the rest of the board members, particularly Mrs. O’Neal – the member who seemingly is striving to be known as the ‘Bully of the Board’ (“… and though we hope you will all join us in supporting this program (social justice), just know that we’re going to move ahead with it anyway!”). Suffice it to say, you do not have the full support of the taxpayers and parents in this community and there will be many who will work to increase the awareness of your self-serving objectives and to oppose you every step of the way – and that’s a promise. It’s our school district, our children, and our community – not your laboratory for social experiments and mind-numbing indoctrination.

Signed, Rick Newton, A Resident of Wayne, Illinois

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