Now You See it -- Now You Don't

From the campaign to re-elect Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R, Illinois 16th District)…

Manzullo erases once touted record on earmark spending from his website

NEW LENOX, IL – For years, members of congress came to Washington with one goal: let’s start spending. Some like Congressman Don Manzullo even bragged about it. The times have changed leaving long-time politicians to decide one thing: stand by their past spending record or run away from it. Congressman Manzullo decided not only to run away from his record but also to erase it.

Just last week, under Don Manzullo’s biographical page of his governmental website, he proudly highlighted a laundry list of earmarks totaling millions of dollars. The disappearing language came after the Kinzinger campaign questioned Congressman Manzullo’s record on earmarks. Now, in order to find any mention of what was once proudly and easily found on his congressional website, one must now dig through thirty-nine pages of past press releases.

Don Manzullo faces his first primary challenge in twenty years and is now realizing he must adjust to an electorate who is asking for a smaller, fiscally responsible government.

“Congressman Manzullo’s actions clearly show he has something to hide from the voters – his twenty year record on spending,” said Kinzinger spokesperson Brook Hougesen. “Don Manzullo’s on-again, off-again relationship with earmarks seems dependent on if he has re-election competition. His attempt to erase his record is the behavior of a careerist in congress who desperately wishes to remain in Washington, despite falling out of touch with voters years ago.”

Congressman Manzullo’s actions leave unanswered questions:

  • Is Congressman Manzullo choosing to run from his record on earmarks?
  • Why erase all mentions of earmarks from the congressman’s official biography after the Kinzinger campaign questioned Congressman Manzullo’s record?

When Republicans like Congressman Manzullo controlled the majority in the early 2000s, they piled more and more onto our national debt as they continued to forget their way…and their conservative principles.

It wasn’t until Congressman Adam Kinzinger and his freshman class came to Washington to change the way Washington works. In their first twelve months in office, they banned earmarks, held the line on spending and are making the government more accountable and transparent.

It is clear that Congressman Manzullo does not like being held accountable for his past decisions that led to years of overspending in Washington. Rather than answering the tough questions, Congressman Manzullo is hiding his record and hoping to mislead Republican voters.

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