Morrison Files Electioneering Complaint Against Commissioner Patlak

From the campaign for Morrison for Cook County Board of Review…

Cook County, IL, January 13, 2012 – Sean Morrison, Republican candidate for Cook County Board of Review, filed a complaint today with the Cook County State’s Attorney and the Cook County Board of Ethics, requesting an investigation into the electioneering activities of incumbent Commissioner Dan Patlak.

Fox Chicago obtained video evidence of Morrison’s complaint against Patlak and revealed a portion of the video on this evening’s newscast.

The video evidence reveals Board of Review Commissioner Dan Patlak at a scheduled Board outreach program at a VFW Post in Tinley Park, Illinois on November 30, 2011. Patlak was supposed to present a property tax seminar and the event was listed as part of his “official” outreach as Commissioner on the Board of Review website. He attended the event with several of his employees from the Board of Review. However, as the video evidence reveals, the property tax seminar quickly became a campaign stop, where Patlak criticized his political opponent, promoted his political website, passed out a printed flyer with his personal information, and asked for help for his campaign.

According to Morrison’s attorney, James Nally, “such conduct appears to be contrary to the Illinois Election Code 10 ILCS 5/9 – 25.1, which prohibits the use of public funds urging any voter to vote for or against any candidate.” According to Nally, the conduct also appears to violate the Cook County Ethics Ordinance.

Morrison’s complaint was filed this afternoon with copies of the videotape evidence, screenshots of the Board of Review website and Patlak’s political website, Facebook, and Twitter.

“This is an abuse of the public trust,” says Sean Morrison. “We need to demand more from our elected officials and Dan Patlak’s electioneering activities are dishonest at best and criminal at worst. That is why I have asked the Cook County State’s Attorney and the Cook County Board of Ethics to review this matter.”

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