McSweeney Receives Endorsement of Former Gubernatorial Candidate and Reformer Adam Andrzejewski

From the campaign to elect David McSweeney State Rep., 52nd District…

Barrington Hills: Former Gubernatorial Candidate and Reformer Adam Andrzejewski has endorsed David McSweeney in his race for State Representative in the 52nd District. Andrzejewski ran as a state government reform candidate and has continued the cause of transparency in government with his “Open the Books” campaign.

“In Springfield, David McSweeney will champion the principles of transparency, accountability and limited government,” said Adam Andrzejewski, Chairman of For The Good of Illinois PAC. “I am confident that McSweeney will execute on full transparency and not stop until ‘every dime’ of state spending is online. As a businessman, he will ‘follow the money’ with deep audits. As a friend to taxpayers, McSweeney will cap the size and growth of state government,” said Andrzejewski.

“David McSweeney has a proven track record that defends hard working families, small business owners and entrepreneurs. Illinois has an acute need for bold, independent leadership,” said Andrzejewski.

“I am proud to have the endorsement of Adam Andrzejewski in my race for State Representative. Adam is a champion of government reform and the principles of an open and transparent government. His support means a lot to me and we share the common goal of repeal of the 67% tax increase, seeking property tax relief, and cutting wasteful spending out of Illinois’ budget,” said McSweeney.

“McSweeney will usher in a new day in Springfield. State representative is a part-time position with a gold-plated pension. McSweeney will decline and spearhead efforts to cut legislative pensions,” said Andrzejewski.

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