McSweeney Endorsed by Four Pro-Life Organizations

From the campaign to elect David McSweeney State Rep., 52nd District…

Barrington Township: David McSweeney, candidate for State Representative in the 52nd District has been endorsed by four well known Pro-Life organizations. The Illinois Federation for Right to Life, the Illinois Citizens for Life, the Lake County Life PAC, and the Pro-Life Victory PAC of Right to Life of McHenry County have all endorsed McSweeney within the past week.

“We are pleased to announce our endorsement of Dave McSweeney as Republican candidate for the fifty-second Illinois House District,” reads the release from the Illinois Federation for Right to Life PAC. In a release from the Illinois Citizens for Life, “Additionally, we believe that you are the only pro-life candidate that can win the 52nd House District seat and return it back to representing the pro-life district constituents of the district”.

“Based upon his stance on Life issues, his strengths as a candidate, and his willingness to defend the dignity of every human being on issues presented before the General Assembly, we believe that David McSweeney is uniquely qualified to serve the people of the 52nd House District in Springfield. We urge all pro-life voters in the District to give him their support,” read a Lake County Life PAC statement.

“The Pro-Life Victory PAC examines three factors in the decision to endorse candidates: Their stand on Life issues, their track record on Life issues, and their electoral viability. “On all of these counts, Dave McSweeney has been a standout,” said Irene Napier, founder of Right to Life McHenry County,” read a release from the Pro Life Victory PAC.

“I am proud to receive the endorsement of these grassroots Pro-Life organizations. Their support of my campaign and the energy that comes with that support will carry us to victory in the March Primary and then the November General Election,” said David McSweeney.

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  • David McSweeney supports abortion in cases of rape and incest! His primary opponent, Danielle Rowe is 100% pro-life without exception! Shame on these organizations for endorsing McSweeney!

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