McConnaughay pledges to fight for rollback of record tax hikes on one-year anniversary of 67% increase

From the campaign to elect Karen McConnaughay to the State Senate (33rd District)…

Calls on Governor Quinn to return to old tax rates to avoid further damage to the state’s economy

St. Charles, IL–On the one-year anniversary of Governor Quinn and the Democratic legislature’s record-setting 67% tax hike, State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay (R-33) is calling on the Governor to roll back the tax increase to help jump-start the Illinois economy.

“None of the governor’s promises about his tax hike have come true,” said McConnaughay. “The state budget is still far from balanced, Illinois’ unemployment rate remains far higher than the national average, our credit has been downgraded again, and companies are still eager to escape the abysmal business climate. All in all, it is a grim picture.”

She said that given the situation and the recent downgrade of the state’s credit, Governor Quinn should immediately move to return tax rates to the previous levels.

McConnaughay, currently the Chairman of the Kane County Board, has consistently pledged to lead the effort to roll back the tax increase immediately to put more money in the hands of families and to help businesses achieve success. “I never believed that the governor and Democrats were sincere when they claimed this tax hike was only temporary,” said McConnaughay. “We’ve fallen for that ruse before. I will only be satisfied when we rescind the tax hike as quickly as possible.”

The tax hike is costing the average Illinois family about one-week’s income, straining household budgets in the middle of a recession. On the business side, scores of companies have lined up to demand multi-million dollar incentives to offset the tax increase. “If you have the right connections and you can threaten to leave Illinois, the Governor will throw money at you to stay,” McConnaughay said. “But families and small businesses don’t have a choice, they shoulder the brunt of the tax burden caused by the state’s inability to control spending and to reduce the size of government.”

“On this anniversary of the Quinn tax hike, I am telling people there is another way. Over the past several years in Kane County we have reduced spending, cut headcount and made government more efficient and our credit ratings have been upgraded–all during the same recession,” noted McConnaughay. “It isn’t easy to do. If it was easy, even the Democrats could have done it. It took a commitment to sound fiscal policies and a willingness to draw the line,” she added.

“On this anniversary day the only cause for celebration is that we are one year closer to bringing new leadership to Springfield that will but an end to these disastrous fiscal policies,” said McConnaughay.

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