Lennie Jarratt Commends Signing of Pension Reform to End Pension Abuse

From the Jarratt for Senate (31st District) campaign…

(Round Lake, IL – January 5, 2011) Lennie Jarratt commends Gov. Quinn’s signing of the pension reform law to end double dipping and the egregious one day pensions.

“This was a greatly needed first step. There is still much work to do to get the pending pension time bomb fixed. The practice of allowing this pension abuse in the first place is unacceptable. It is prime example of why we need honest citizens elected instead of the continued practice of handpicked candidates,” said Jarratt.

Springfield has continued to kick the can down the road on pensions by failing to fully fund the system. It is a ticking time bomb that must be addressed before it affects the pensions of current and soon to retire workers.

“The families and citizens of Illinois cannot and should not bail out the mismanagement of Springfield with higher taxes and fees. Fiscal sanity must be restored to Springfield,” said Jarratt.

Jarrett also thanks David Ratliff for hosting an education town hall in Zion to talk about the possible strike of the Zion-Benton High School Teachers Union and education policy in the state of Illinois. I would also like to thank the 50-70 people in attendance, most of whom were in support of the school board.

“I enjoyed answering questions and learning more about the passion the citizens of Zion-Benton have for their community. We need more people like this involved in their local schools throughout Lake County and the State of Illinois.”

It was disappointing that Melinda Bush (D) chose not to attend the event. The more we can discuss issues from varying points of view, the better the solutions that can be reached.

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