Illinois Tea Party Endorses Danielle Rowe Among First Ever Endorsements

From the Danielle Rowe for the State House campaign (52st District)…

Island Lake, IL – Danielle Rowe, Candidate for Illinois State Representative in the 52nd district, is honored to receive the endorsement of The Illinois Tea Party. Rowe is among the first endorsements ever made by the Illinois Tea Party at the state level, and is the first woman to receive an endorsement.

In a statement released today, Denise Cattoni, State Director of the Illinois Tea Party, said of the endorsements, “In 2010 we supported candidates who could help stop wasteful spending, runaway deficits and Obamacare at the federal level. But after Springfield politicians raised our taxes in the middle of the night and piled up $8.5 billion in unpaid bills, we’ve been left with no choice but to stand up for the people of Illinois. These candidates are supported by our local tea party groups who know the candidates and their communities best.”

Rowe is proud to be recognized by the Illinois Tea Party as the only candidate in the 52nd district that will fight for true fiscal reform. “For years I have fought in the trenches alongside my fellow Tea Partiers, and I will continue to fight to represent the best interests of the residents of the 52nd district in Springfield. Receiving the support of Illinois Tea Party is truly an honor,” said Danielle Rowe, Candidate for Illinois State Representative in the 52nd District

Among Rowe’s strongest supporters are Crystal Lake Tea Party Coordinator, Mary Alger, and Andrew Gasser, an Illinois Tea Party Leader from Fox River Grove. “I support Danielle Rowe as the voice of a new fiscal and social solution for a very broken Illinois,” said Mary Alger, Crystal Lake Tea Party Coordinator. “Danielle will bring passion, leadership & common sense in a clear bold voice to represent the taxpayers and the job creators to the Statehouse.” Gasser has called Rowe “…the real tea party conservative running in the 52nd Illinois State Representative race…”

Rowe has also received endorsements from Illinois Liberty PAC and the Illinois Center Right Coalition (ICRC). “It’s humbling to have the support of these organizations. They recognize the problems that we are facing in Springfield, and are confident that I will fight to enact the changes this State needs to put us back on the right track,” states Rowe. “Illinois is suffering from an abject lack of leadership. The Roadmap I’ve proposed will help put Illinois on the right track toward economic stability. We need leaders that will lead by example, and I’m committed to being that leader.”

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