Illinois Conservatives Endorse McCann

Oregon, IL – Today, the Illinois Conservatives announced their endorsement of State Senator Sam McCann in the 2012 primary in the 50th State Senate District.

McCann, who is currently serving his 1st term in the Illinois Senate, is running to return to Springfield in the newly drawn 50th District. McCann was able to wrestle away the district from the Demuzio dynasty in 2010 with the help of Tea Party support, conservative activists, and swarms of likeminded, energetic volunteers. If challenging and defeating Deanna Demuzio was not hard enough, State Sen. McCann now faces another challenge this election stemming from the Illinois Democratic Party’s redrawing of McCann’s district as a heavier Democrat district in order to create a situation that would make re-election more difficult. Knowing McCann’s commitment to hard work, the Illinois Conservatives believe that McCann will meet the challenge given to him and come out the other side victorious.

“The 50th State Senate District will be a battle ground district that the Democrats want to see flip back their way,” Illinois Conservatives president Zach Oltmanns said. “McCann is just one example of how we will hold our ground for conservatives and how we will take our state back from those that ran the ship aground.”

The Illinois Conservatives’ 2012 endorsement of McCann comes on the heels of their endorsement of him in 2010.
“Sam McCann has been a conservative voice in Springfield, a place that clearly does not have enough conservative voices,” Oltmanns said. “It is our pleasure to endorse him for the second time in two years.”

An endorsement by the Illinois Conservatives group means that State Sen. McCann will receive support from the Illinois Conservative members and support from various grassroots organizations and younger voters. These same groups will also help provide volunteers to ensure that State Sen. McCann returns to Springfield to continue the good work he began in 2010.

The Illinois Conservatives, a leading conservative grassroots organization in Illinois with over 4000 members statewide who believe in conservative ideologies and support political candidates who share in those beliefs for the betterment of the State of Illinois.

Illinois Conservatives
The Illinois Conservatives were started in December 2008 there were two main goals that we had in mind for the group. The first goal that we had in mind for the Illinois Conservatives was for it to be a home for Conservatives in Illinois. We wanted the group to be a place where conservatives could come together to talk about the issues and find people from all across the state that felt the same. Our second goal for the group was for it to be a place that would energize young conservatives in Illinois.

The group has grown from 1 member to over 4,000 members.

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President Oltmanns speaks to groups from all over the state and would be more than happy to come and speak to your group. He has spoken at Tea Parties, Lincoln Day Dinners, Young Republican Meetings, College Republican Meetings, and etc. You can contact him by emailing him at if you would like him to speak at one of your events.

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