Gaffney Statement on McSweeney’s Frivolous Challenges

Fox River Grove, IL. State Representative Kent Gaffney (R-Lake Barrington) issued the following statement regarding David McSweeney’s decision to drop his petition challenge against Danielle Rowe:

“David McSweeney has engaged in a campaign of intimidation and harassment in a ridiculous attempt to knock his opponents off the ballot. He planned to clear the field for himself by filing frivolous petition challenges against Danielle Rowe and myself. McSweeney has spent tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers in his attempt to push us out of the race for State Representative.

“After it became obvious that Mr. McSweeney was not going to be able to knock Ms. Rowe off the ballot, he decided yesterday to drop his objection to her petitions. McSweeney then tried to act like he’s taking the high road, when in fact he only dropped his objection to Rowe’s petitions after he realized that his objection would fail.

“Regarding the outrageous and baseless claims against my petitions, David McSweeney is clearly abusing the objection process in order to smear my name and harass my campaign supporters. These Chicago-style political tactics have no place in a Republican Primary.”

For more on McSweeney’s petition challenge see the following:

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