Cliff Surges: State of the State

From the campaign of Cliff Surges for State Senate (33rd District)…

One year ago, Illinois passed a 67% tax increase in the dead of night. Last week, Governor Quinn released a bleak economic forecast which included a projected budget deficit of $500 million just two years down the road. The Illinois Policy Institute reports that in the past 12 months, Illinois has lost 61,000 jobs. Fewer jobs mean fewer taxpayers to support bloated government programs.

Springfield needs a change in culture. Partisan fights do not offer the solutions residents of the 33rd Senate district expect. Career politicians kick the can down the road, sinking our state deeper in debt. Illinois needs a resurgence in educated, focused, citizen leaders to bring fresh ideas to the political sphere. Voters want principled leaders who embody the integrity, honesty and hard work our great nation was founded upon.

“The State Senate needs a fresh perspective to help right this ship. The simple truth is, personality conflicts, cronyism and extreme partisanship between local, county and state politicians have resulted in a stagnation of leadership in our great state.” Said Cliff Surges, candidate for the 33rd IL Senate Seat.

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