Bambenek Releases Statement of Reconciliation and Unity

From the campaign of John Bambenek for State Senate (52nd District)…

Bambenek Seeks to Unite Republican Voters Following Nudo’s Withdrawal

CHAMPAIGN, IL (January 22, 2012) —Republican candidate for 52nd District State Senate, John Bambenek, today released the following statement of reconciliation and unity after the withdrawal of candidate and Champaign County Board member Alan Nudo from the race.

The decision to run for public office is not, cannot and should not be a simple matter. One makes such a commitment not in the best interest of the candidate – the servant, but in the best interest of The People – the citizens. When a candidate decides to drop out of a race, as Alan Nudo did, he does so because he’s considered the best interests of The People. This kind of selflessness is rare and we offer our respect for his decision and our best wishes for his success in his private endeavors. Al has been a strong voice on the Champaign County Board, a respected member of our community and a great leader for our Party. We look forward to working with him going forward.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” A united and determined Republican Party can achieve victory. We will make great strides to work with and earn the support of Al Nudo and his supporters. It is time for Republicans across Vermillion and Champaign counties to unite against our common adversary for the 52nd State Senate District – Democrat “Tax-hike” Mike Frerichs.

Today the problem is out-of-control spending, joblessness and over reaching intrusive government. “Tax-hike” Mike has proven he is willing to follow the tried and failed policies of the Democratic Party. The solution is courage to cut waste, fraud and abuse. The solution is fortitude to repeal job-killing legislation. The solution is fidelity to the Constitution. The Republican Party has the ideas, policies and strength to save our great State of Illinois. Will you join us?

John Bambenek Is a candidate for the Illinois State Senate of the 52nd District.

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