All Republican Presidential Candidates May be Removed from Illinois Primary Ballot Depriving Voters Ability to Vote on Them

From the campaign of John Bambenek for State Senate (52nd District)…

Illinois Election Code allows challenges to petitions which can eliminate people from ballot and deprive voters the right to choose their candidate

CHAMPAIGN, IL (January 16, 2012) — Late on Friday afternoon (Jan 13), the various Republican presidential campaigns filed ballot challenges to all the other Republican candidates for President. Currently all candidates face ballot challenges and according to sources, all Republican candidates have fatal flaws with their paperwork. If the challenges are successful, when Republican primary voters show up to vote on March 20th, they will have NO choices listed to vote for President.

“Illinois Election law is a complex system designed to allow spurious details to be used to remove candidates from the ballot, thus depriving voters the ability to choose the candidate of their choice. While a certain level of competence should be expected of presidential campaigns to not make sure errors, the voters are in the best position to make that choice, not an unelected Board of Elections”, said Bambenek.

“What point is the right to vote if voters are deprived the ability to choose?,” asked Bambenek.

The Republican presidential campaigns have a variety of small errors in their paperwork such as: not using an Illinois notary, listing a campaign address instead of their personal residence, and listing “statewide” as their district instead of Illinois even though the President isn’t running in a “district”. According to case law and the Illinois Election Code, these mistakes are likely fatal and sufficient cause to remove the presidential candidates from the ballot.

“This is the clearest example yet that Illinois Election law is in dire need of urgent reform and that this is even plausible should be an embarrassment to the People of Illinois who deserve better,” said Bambenek.

Additionally, President Obama also faces a challenge to his paperwork.

John Bambenek Is a candidate for the Illinois State Senate of the 52nd District.

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