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Can't We All Just Get Along? Is All This Primary Fighting Good?

-By Warner Todd Huston The campaign for the GOP nomination is really getting hot in Florida. The hard campaigning has caused a lot of bemoaning over the attacks going on between Mitt Romney, his ads and the ads sponsored by his super PAC, and Newt Gingrich’s own attacks. Everyone is concerned that this mudslinging and... Read more »

OCCUPY GENIUSES (The Constitution vs. Southern Occupiers)

Van Jones promised back in November that the Occupy gang will put up over 2,000 candidates for election in 2012. After AIM’s Ben Johnson did some man-on-the-street pop quizzes in the south this past week, we sure hope they come through on Jones’ promise. Ladies and gentlemen: we present to you the fruits of public... Read more »

Obama Set to Cost Each of Us Hundreds a Year in Higher Electric Costs

-By Warner Todd Huston Barack Obama’s avalanche of needless regulations on coal-fueled power plants are going into effect and the net result will be the closing of hundreds of power plants all across the country just when our need for power is increasing. This will absolutely necessitate the cost of our power to skyrocket. But,... Read more »

Republican State Senate Candidate John Bambenek Receives Endorsements

From the campaign of John Bambenek for State Senate (52nd District)… Bambenek Recognized for Knowledge of the Issues, Standing for Citizens, Stance Against Corruption, Commitment to Fiscal Responsibility, and Pro-Life Stance CHAMPAIGN, IL (January 30, 2012) — Republican State Senate Candidate for the 52nd District John Bambenek has been endorsed by several current state legislators... Read more »

Rowe Campaign Receives Overwhelming Support at First Fundraiser

From the Danielle Rowe for the State House campaign (52st District)… Island Lake, IL – On Thursday, January 26th, Citizens for Danielle Rowe, Republican Candidate for Illinois State Representative in the 52nd district, hosted their first fundraiser at the Wynstone Golf Club in North Barrington, raising over $19,000. “It was great to see such strong... Read more »

Kent Gaffney Urges State to Pass Pension Reform Now

From the campaign to re-elect State Rep Kent Gaffney (52nd District)… As part of reform effort, Rep. Gaffney turns down legislative pension Fox River Grove, IL – State Representative Kent Gaffney (R-Lake Barrington) is urging the Illinois General Assembly to pass comprehensive pension reform now. As part of the reform effort, Representative Gaffney announced that... Read more »

Lennie Jarratt Announces Illinois Center Right Coalition Endorsement

From the Jarratt for Senate (31st District) campaign… (Round Lake, IL – January 24, 2011) Lennie Jarratt announces the endorsement of the Illinois Center Right Coalition endorsement. The Illinois Center-Right Coalition, a broad alliance of organizations and individuals dedicated to the principles of individual freedom, personal responsibility, limited government, the rule of law, free markets,... Read more »

Open Letter to School District U-46 -- You Insult Us

This is an open letter to School District U-46 TO: Dr. Jose Torres, Superintendent, School District U-46 and Dr. Ushma Shah, Chief of Equity and Social Justice, School District U-46 Let me begin by emphasizing how insulting it is to have to address anyone in this sacred nation who carries as offensive a job title... Read more »

After Billions in Federal Bailouts, Now GM Lobbying States for More?

-By Warner Todd Huston How much bailing out does one company need? (The correct answer is none, of course) After receiving some $50 billion in tax dollars from us courtesy of Obama’s “cash stash,” GM is claiming success with a “

CBS Featured No Pro-Lifers in Photo Essay About Pro-Life Rally

-By Warner Todd Huston If you want a case of clear bias, the Washington D.C. affiliate of CBS will surely fill the bill for its bias against pro-life supporters. On January 23 the DC affiliate featured on its website a photo slide show of pictures taken at the March for Life rally held annually at... Read more »