Surges; Sears Gets Tax Break, Now Closing 100 Stores

From the campaign of Cliff Surges for State Senate (33rd District)…

On January 12, 2011, the Illinois General Assembly passed a 67% tax increase in the middle of the night literally hours before the new legislators were sworn in. Eleven months later, career politicians extended a tax break for Sears Holdings costing School District 300 families million of dollars a year. Yesterday, Sears Holdings announced that the company will be closing 100 stores.

This is only one example of failed policies from career politicians that are not working for the families and businesses of Illinois. The constituents of the 33rd Senate district expect better. They expect leaders with real life experience making payroll and eliminating waste. They need leaders with a plan to rejuvenate the Illinois business climate.

An award winning insurance professional and small business owner, Cliff Surges has that experience and he has a plan to keep jobs in Illinois, including a solution to the costly workers’ compensation problem.

“The Spring Hill Mall Sears location must stay open. I am already reaching out to Sears about keeping Fox Valley Sears stores open and keeping Fox Valley residents employed,” said Cliff Surges.

Cliff Surges is not a career politician and is the only candidate in the 33rd Senate district with real-life experience.

Enough is enough

Cliff Surges for IL Senate.

From Cliff Surges for Senate Campaign


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  • Word is that many people and business have petitioned the Illinois General Assembly to pay them to LEAVE Illinois. Word is, the IGA will pay individuals and businesses to leave, providing the right amount of cash is kicked-back.

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