Purse With Image of Gun Gets Teen Accosted by TSA

-By Warner Todd Huston

In today’s “teh stupid” files, a teen in Norfolk, Virginia missed her flight because Transportation Security Administration screeners pulled her out of line for close scrutiny because she had a leather purse with an image of a pistol engraved on it. You read that right, a leather engraving of a pistol emblazoned on a purse made TSA screeners imagine a pregnant teenaged girl was a security threat.

Vanessa Gibbs was attempting to board a plane to get home to Jacksonville, Florida, but the TSA screeners spied the leather design of a pistol on the exterior of her purse. This, they somehow imagined, made the teen a security risk, so they pulled her out of line for interrogation.

How could a design of a purse cause such panic in the TSA, you might ask? TSA agents told the girl that it is a federal crime to take replicas of firearms onto an airplane. This, they claimed, justified their focus on her purse.

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