OpenTheBooks Application for IPhone & IPad

From For the Good of Illinois

Today, For The Good of Illinois releases our OpenTheBooks App. Now, citizens have instant access to the pay of virtually every employee at every level of Illinois government from their IPhone or IPad.

Anywhere in Illinois, within a radius of your choosing, our App delivers the top government salaries to your IPhone or IPad. Use the search geographically or look up public employees by last name or search anywhere in Illinois by zip code. Graph a ten year salary history.

The results are stunning. Over the last decade according to the National Average Wage Index, wages in the United States have increased by a total of 26.6%. Using OpenTheBooks App to search from bureaucrat to bureaucrat, a frequent ten year income spike is 75-100%, or more. Please see it for yourself…

Download OpenTheBooks App here.

Since the September launch of our main website at, we’ve been saying that the trajectory of public employee pay is unsustainable. Now, you can see this for yourself in a very personal way. OpenTheBooks App uses GPS coordinates and aggregates across all units of Illinois government the top salaries.

It’s your neighborhood. It’s your tax dollar. It’s their pay. It’s the taxpayers treat on the taxpayer.

The IPhone App takes all the data from our project and gives you instant access to the pay of virtually every employee at every level of government. From local government to the state, we have posted 7 million lines of payroll and pensions. This represents the grand sum of a quarter trillion dollars.

Download OpenTheBooks App here.

Here’s why it’s also important…

By proactively posting public payroll and pensions, citizen and media- don’t have to go through the wait and intimidating process of filing FOIA request. In large part, as it relates to public employment- we’ve made that request obsolete. And that brings Illinois government into the 21st century.

We believe that the people of Illinois have a right to know just how much their government costs. I suspect that as people use this database they will show emotion… a common response is “I’m in the wrong business.” But, we believe the people of Illinois are ready to hear the truth.

We believe the people of Illinois are ready for reform.

For The Good of Illinois.

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