Obama-Supported Wireless Startup Suffers Massive Tech Failure

-By Warner Todd Huston

The startup wireless service that the Obama administration is investing both financial and political capital in, a company called LightSquared, seems to have suffered a massive technical failure, one that has been warned about for some time. Despite the warnings, though the administration continues to push LightSquared causing many to worry about another Solyndra-like calamity.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that testing of the wireless service is showing that its signal disrupts 75% of all global-positioning system receivers (GPS). Apparently, there is no doubt about this result, either….

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  • The cronyism just keeps rolling, these guys should be done and one can only hope that Obama still had money invested in this pig. Lightsquared actually came out before the leaked info saying that their system had no effect on the GPS systems at all........ Lying sacks of s*#@!

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