Manzulo Calls for 'No' Vote on Obama Debt Ceiling Hike

-By Warner Todd Huston

16th District Congressman Don Manzulo (R, ILL) took the lead today in demanding that the House of Representatives reject President Obama’s coming proposal to once again hike the debt ceiling.

Manzulo is the first Congressman to release a statement on the issue.

Manzulo sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner (R, OH) asking for the Speaker to call the House back into session so that they could cast a united “no” vote against the President’s proposal. (See letter HERE)

“Our nation’s debt has reached a point that is very dangerous of our economy,” Manzulo said in his letter, “and we must not continue down this path.”

Manzulo said that he no long has confidence in the super committee process that was agreed to earlier this year and no longer feels that it will “produce any significant future spending reductions.”

“We must address our debt crisis head on by eliminating unnecessary government programs, consolidating programs, and reforming the entitlement programs. These are the drivers of our debt, and we must act now or risk a further downgrade of our credit.”

Manzulo says that he is “ready to return to Washington” immediately to vote against the request by President Obama.

Manzulo is facing what might prove to be a tough re-election campaign this year as first-year Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, 11th District) has announced that he is going to primary Manzulo for the 16th District.

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