Lake County's Disease of Raise My Taxitis

-By Warner Todd Huston

Steve Balich tells the school board to stop raising taxes so much that we are driving people from their homes.

Balich is a representative of the Homer/Lockport Tea Party and the Will County Tea Party Alliance.

We need our local boards (Fire, Library, School, City, Township,etc.) to stop raising their levy. Increasing the levy causes an increase in property tax.

Boards have the notion that they should suck every penny they can from home owners and business. Boards feel that if they don’t go for the max they lose out on money. Boards feel that taxes are their money forgetting where the money comes from. I understand some tax is needed but to expand services, give raises, or buy unneeded equipment is just wrong in a time of economic crisis. Boards should keep everything the same, and pray to God we come out of this mess. When you lose your Job it is a depression,If you have a job you don’t feel it, and it is business as usual. Increases in tax are really hurting family, friends, and neighbors.

Balich is running for Will County Board, too.

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