Lake County Right to Life: Small Beginnings

From Lake County Right to Life…

We at Lake County Right to Life are delighted by the recently released statistics from the Illinois Dept. of Public Health, showing that the number of abortions performed on Lake County residents revealed a 5% decrease for 2010. These numbers reflect Lake County Right to Life’s impact in Lake County.

We could not have accomplished this work without you. You are the reason for Lake County Right to Life’s success – because you are Lake County Right to Life. You are the heart and soul of this organization, which would not exist without you.

With your help, Lake County Right to Life has made a huge impact for Life in Lake County, through advocacy, witness and education (AWE). Here are a few of the activities that we are engaged in throughout the year, which we could not accomplish without you.

  • First and foremost, through your generosity, Lake County Right to Life now has a fully functioning professional office and staff.
  • With your help, Lake County Right to Life is able to use social media to reach out and educate our members, through our website, Constant Contact emails, Blog, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Your support has also helped Lake County Right to Life present educational forums, which are held throughout the year. These educational forums help keep pro-lifers up to date on the ever changing face of the Life issue. These forums help influence the community.
  • With your help, we make available up-to-date news regarding all that is transpiring in Washington, DC and Springfield on the Life issues.
  • Our Candidate Forum and voter guide has helped you to vote for the candidates who support Life. This has resulted in the decreasing abortion statistics in Lake County.
  • Other activities include an annual Signature Ad commemorating the Roe v Wade decision. Your public witness for Life, is reflected in supporting our parades, Life Chains and 40 Days for Life.

We are delighted that the abortion statistics in Lake County and Illinois have decreased. However, we cannot rest. The fight is not over, so we look forward to continuing to defend life together in the public arena.

About Lake County Right to Life

Established in 1973 and headquartered in Grayslake, Lake County Right to Life is an educational and advocacy organization for the protection of innocent human life. The organization works in Lake County to promote the vision of a society in which all human life is respected, protected and secure. For more information, please call the Lake County Right to Life office at (847) 223-7022 or visit the website at

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