It Wasn't 'A Wonderful Life,' Tough Times for Zuzu

-By Warner Todd Huston

Man, talk about a downer. The Washington Post published a where-are-they-now piece on the little girl that played Zuzu on the classic 1946 Christmas favorite It’s a Wonderful Life and through that we all learned that actress Karolyn Grimes had far from a wonderful life after the movie was filmed.

You’ll remember the classic Jimmy Stewart vehicle directed by Frank Capra, I’m sure. It is ubiquitous on TV during the Christmas season, after all. It’s that heartwarming tale of beloved town banker George Bailey whose bumbling assistant lost the whole town’s bank deposits causing ruined Bailey to contemplate suicide only to embark on an odyssey in search of redemption through the efforts of Clarence the angel. A truly great film even if it did bomb at the box office in 1946…

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