Illinois State Treasurer's Office: 2011 Unclaimed Property Auction is in Progress!‏

We are halfway through the Illinois Treasurer’s Online Unclaimed Property Auction. If you’re interested in checking out the rare items we’re selling, now is the time to get registered and place your bids. I am contacting you because you have expressed interest in my Cash Dash program in the past.

My vault is used to store unclaimed property and it’s nearing capacity, so it’s time to auction off some of the items that have been here for a while. We’re auctioning off 15,256 pieces of unclaimed property because the rightful owners have not come forward to claim it in more than five years, though they will be able to receive the cash value of their items if they are eventually located. My goal this year is to make the auction more cost-effective and more accessible to potential buyers. That’s why we’ve decided to do this auction entirely online-you can bid from home at all hours of the day.

The online unclaimed property auction officially started on December 5, and auction lots will begin closing at 6 p.m. on December 11. The listing for each lot will include a closing time. We have anything from antique jewelry to old baseball cards on our online auction block-there’s something that appeals to everyone! If you’d like to check out the auction, Click Here.

I hope you find something to buy in my unclaimed property auction.

Dan Rutherford
Illinois State Treasurer

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