Illinois Democrats Worked to Shut Veterans Off From State Jobs

-By Warner Todd Huston

There is a state law that is intended to give our military veterans an upper hand at getting state jobs. It is called the veteran’s preference. Sadly, Cal Skinner notes that a new report by the Inspector General’s office finds that Illinois Democrats not only have been ignoring the helping hand to veterans that the law intends to offer, but has specific hiring policies meant to get around that preference.

The story is a bit difficult to follow (at least it is for me) but it appears that what has happened is that the Democrats have used practices that class favored applicants in different categories than they do those average, everyday veterans that are applying for jobs. Even though the favored, political applicants have no better or different qualifications than the veteran applicants, these political favorites are getting illicit favoritism through this subterfuge.

As the Inspector General’s office charges:

The OEIG found that in many of the reported cases, the HR Department of IDES, in conjunction with individuals in the Governor’s Office of Intergovernmental Affairs (“GOIA”), manipulated titles, credentials, positions, position location, or other criteria to fit candidates sponsored by GOIA into positions at IDES without following State law or normal State hiring protocol. This task was accomplished through use of mechanisms designed to avoid veteran’s preference hiring in non-exempt positions as well as through the creation of positions, and job responsibilities.

Skinner notes at least two specific and egregious cases where political applicants got unfair and illegal favorable consideration in getting state jobs that could have gone to our veterans and maybe should have by state law.

The OEIG recommended that those responsible be fired and others “retrained” in how the veteran’s preferences are supposed to work per state hiring laws. The report cites several people that should either be fired or disciplined. Smari Garcia, George Rada, Elizabeth Nicholson, Laura Luna, Timothy Moran, and Kimberly Gierke.

But what do we have here but yet another example from a few years ago of the lawlessness of the Illinois Democratic Party, hiring all their buddies and breaking state laws to do so. Worse, these Democrats are breaking laws meant to help our military veterans!

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