Ill. House Republicans: Bright Spotlight on Tax Roll Back‏

From the office of Rep. Tom Cross, Ill GOP House Leader…

This week, we once again called for the roll back of the corporate tax increase imposed on Illinois businesses by Democrats at the beginning of this year.

We warned then and now that this would have a negative impact on the economy and job growth in our state—and it has proven to be true. Our unemployment rate is higher this month than it was a year ago, before the largest tax increase in our state’s history.

Democrats had been resistant to rolling the increase back—until this week. We were pleasantly surprised that they filed a similar bill to ours within twelve hours of our filing. This is a bright spot that may lead to a bi-partisan roll back of the tax increase.

Click here to watch a quick clip from our press conference this week.

In The News

Our press conference was covered extensively by the media:

Chicago Tribune: Illinois House Republicans want to roll back corporate income tax hike

Daily Herald: State House GOP leader: Lower corporate tax rate

State Journal-Register: House Republican leader proposes corporate tax repeal

Click here to read more about the bill we filed.

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