Forget Ron Paul, Illinois Has a REAL 'White Nationalist' Running for Election

-By Warner Todd Huston

Among the many plaudits that Illinois has gained in the last few years — you know, like most governors in jail, most closed businesses, most citizens that moved away, all the winning categories — Illinois can also claim a real, true to life white nationalist that is running for office.

I wasn’t going to bother writing about this fellow, but since the Illinois GOP took the measure of officially denouncing him, I guess I’ll report the whole story.

It seems that one Art J. Jones filed his petitions to run as a Republican against Democrat Dan Lipinski in the 3rd Congressional District out of Chicago’s south west side. (Heres the current third map)

Jones is well known as a white nationalist. So much so that the American Nazi website Stormfront congratulated him on his run for Congress.

Not surprisingly, Jones’ racist ideas don’t sit well with the Illinois GOP. The State Party issued the following statement on his campaign.

The Illinois Republican Party disavows any association with the candidacy of Arthur Jones and ask that all citizens of Illinois do the same. His views and previous statements are repugnant and his candidacy should not and will not be supported in any way by the Illinois Republican Party. Unfortunately, pathetic and ignorant human beings like Arthur Jones still exist – my sympathies are with the members of our Jewish community as well as other communities to which Mr. Jones has directed his hate.

There is, of course, a real Republican running for the 3rd. His name is Richard Grabowski.

His campaign website can be found at:

His Facebook:

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