Danielle Rowe Replies to McSweeney's 'Bullying Tactics'

-By Warner Todd Huston

On Monday 52nd House District candidate David McSweeny filed petition challenges against both his primary challengers, Kent Gaffney and Danielle Rowe.

On Monday afternoon candidate Danielle Rowe released a statement about McSweeney’s attempt to throw her off the ballot. (A see Illinois Review)

Candidate Rowe is lambasting the actions by McSweeney.

“Mr. McSweeney’s objection to my petitions is similar to his campaign more generally in that both lack foundation. From the moment he entered this campaign, Mr. McSweeney has sought to intimidate me out of the race and intimidate those who are supporting from refraining to do so.

“Mr. McSweeney’s Chicago-style bullying tactics are the worst kind of insider, establishment politics. I got involved with the tea party movement because, like so many, I was tired of people who had money thinking they could run roughshod over regular, working people. I got into this race because, like so many conservatives, I am tired of self-funding millionaires with more money than common sense or common decency being the Republican Party’s standard-bearers in Illinois.

“Mr. McSweeney and his money do not frighten me. In fact, his bullying only stiffens my resolve. Mr. McSweeney’s ‘by any means necessary’ approach to attempting to clear the field of competitors confirms to me that I made the right decision in entering this race to fight for families in our community whose voices are ignored by the political class in Springfield and would continue to be ignored were Mr. McSweeney to be our representative.

“As conservatives, we believe that competition produces the best goods and services. I believe the competition for this seat in the General Assembly will produce the best conservative Republican candidate and the best state legislator. While Mr. McSweeney schemes to stack the deck against anyone who dares oppose him, I look forward to competing for the votes of NW Cook, Lake, Kane and McHenry county families who want a representative focused on advancing conservative, free market public policy solutions to the economic hardships afflicting our community.”

Mark me as one who is not a fan of the continued cynical game played by too many Illinois candidates of challenging petition signatures. It is a cowardly action taken by too many candidates. I do find the process necessary when there is REAL reason to suspect fraud. But more often than not the challenges are made by cowards and have nothing at all to do with assuring the integrity of anything.

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