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How Ron Paul Might Win Iowa and STILL Get No Hawkeye Delegates

-By Warner Todd Huston My friend Michael Bates has raised some interesting — if technical — points. He notes that Ron Paul could very will win Iowa but still come away with few or even no Iowa delegates. After looking over Bates’ points, I think he has it right. But one thing he said is... Read more »

Wash. Post Plays Hate-The-Rich-Republicans With Graphic Chart

-By Warner Todd Huston On Wednesday morning the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake posted an infographic that was a perfect example of how one can use a graphic chart to influence the public in subtle ways, ways that we of the center right better start employing in our own efforts if we want to win over... Read more »

McSweeney Drops Objections to Rowe's Petitions

-By Warner Todd Huston Early in December, 52nd District candidate for State Rep. David McSweeney announced his decision to challenge the nominating petitions of incumbent Kent Gaffney and newcomer candidate Danielle Rowe. Today, McSweeney has announced that he is dropping efforts to challenge Rowe’s petitions, though he is continuing his challenge of Gaffney’s. This from... Read more »

Illinois Looks at Rick Santorum

-By Warner Todd Huton Seems like everyone had the 15 minutes to become the anti-Romney… well, everyone but Rick Santorum. But at the last minute that seems to be changing in Iowa. Santorum’s sudden surge has brought more interest to his campaign here in Illinois, too. My interview with Santorum in Feb Santorum has not... Read more »

The 'Other' 8th District Candidate

-By Warner Todd Huston A fellow named Robert Canfield also filed to run in the new 8th Congressional District. Canfield’s petitions seem to have come out of the blue, but he joins current 8th District Congressman Joe Walsh and political operative Richard Evans in the race. It doesn’t appear that Mr. Canfield has a website... Read more »

Kinzinger Travels Across 11th District Asking Small Business Owners: What Will it Take to Create One More Job?

From the office of Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R, Illinois 11th District)… Joliet, Ill. – Today, Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) continued talking with small business owners across the 11th Congressional District in Bourbonnais, Bloomington and Ottawa, asking them what Washington can do to help their business create one more job. Kinzinger spearheaded the “one more job”... Read more »

You Can Help Repeal the Tax Hike & Bring Jobs Back to Illinois‏

From the campaign of John Bambenek for State Senate (52nd District)… Illinois is facing serious problems and each day we see more proof our policies are taking us in the wrong direction. Just yesterday, Sears announced its closing 100-120 stores and potentially laying off thousands of workers. And this is on the heals of getting... Read more »

Manzulo Calls for 'No' Vote on Obama Debt Ceiling Hike

-By Warner Todd Huston 16th District Congressman Don Manzulo (R, ILL) took the lead today in demanding that the House of Representatives reject President Obama’s coming proposal to once again hike the debt ceiling. Manzulo is the first Congressman to release a statement on the issue. Manzulo sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner... Read more »

Forget Ron Paul, Illinois Has a REAL 'White Nationalist' Running for Election

-By Warner Todd Huston Among the many plaudits that Illinois has gained in the last few years — you know, like most governors in jail, most closed businesses, most citizens that moved away, all the winning categories — Illinois can also claim a real, true to life white nationalist that is running for office. I... Read more »

Mitt Romney: My Mass. Healthcare Plan Is 'Fundamentally Conservative'

-By Warner Todd Huston Romney did it again. On Fox News he linked Romneycare to conservative principles, an outrageous act in the eyes of any conservative. But hold the boat, people, because Romney didn’t exactly say that Romneycare itself is a conservative policy. And therein lies the weasel words that Romney has used to describe... Read more »