Tea Party Losing Support in Illinois?

-By Warner Todd Huston

There is a new poll out of Illinois citizens that seems to show that the Tea Party has lost support in the and of Lincoln.

The Paul Simon Institute is the group that conducted the poll and with that I should note that this think tank is a left-wing group. One is tempted to imagine that these lefties started with the hope that the Tea Party was losing support in Illinois and found “proof” to shore up their ideological druthers.

In any case, the Simon Institute says the survey, “conducted October 11 through October 15, 2011, of 1000 registered voters shows that 25.5 percent either strongly agreed or agreed with the Tea Party movement. In last October’s Simon Poll, 37.9 percent fit in that category.”

This year, 42.2 percent either disagreed or strongly disagreed with the Tea Party, compared with last year’s 35.3 percent.

Also, a Tea Party affiliation only helps a candidate with about a third of the electorate, but hurts with about 60 percent of the voters, according to the survey.

The poll also found that those in the group “less likely” to vote for a Tea Party candidate grew even more anti-Tea Party, moving from 46% opposed now to 59.9% opposed to Tea Partiers.

“Overall from 40 to 60 percent of the Illinois voters expressed negative evaluations of the Tea Party and its candidates, with 26 percent to 31 percent who supported the Tea Party,” said John S. Jackson, one of the co-directors of the poll. “While this demonstrates the polarized climate of
opinion regarding the Tea Party, significantly more Illinois voters opposed than supported the Tea Party, and the opposition has increased markedly over the past year.”

The poll found a lot of things. Mostly, though, it affirmed (if you believe this left-wing think tank in the first place) that Illinois is a deep blue, left-wing state and that “compromise” is the word most Illinois voters invoke when discussing what they want to see in a politician.

Unfortunately, with that last point it also shows that voters are uninformed about the issues. There has never been starker differences between the philosophies of the two parties. We are at a point where compromise is not as desirable as it once was. One party — the Democrats — has drifted so far away from being a party based on American principles that compromising with it is dealing a deathblow to this country.

Compromise simply for the sake of compromise is destroying this country. too many voters are uninformed about this simple reality.

Anyway, below is the left-wing think tank’s press release. You look it over, go to their site and download the polling data, and decide what you think.

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  • On the other hand, Walsh demonstrates day after day that his "head is not in the game," to put it mildly. Doing the Dem's bidding against Hultgren seems one instance.

    In the meantime, Bachmann shows that she is an empty dress, and Perry shows that he has an emptier brain than GWB (and certainly is more inarticulate). While Illinois basically elects criminals as governor, does Texas only elect yahoos?

    Then you have reports that Ohio voters repealed its "union reforms," and the guy in Arizona who drafted the immigration bill got recalled.

    And if Illinois isn't in fact a deep blue state, how do you explain Quinn, Byrnes, White, Schakowsky, JJJr., et al, and how it has not been in play in any Presidential election in the last 20 years? Or how Daley II and Emanuel are the conservatives, compared to everyone else?

    It is starting to appear that people want something done and are throwing out the ideologues from both sides of the spectrum who are incapable of doing so. The Tea Party has blown it.

  • fb_avatar

    Look at the last question on the poll. 18% blame Democrats for DC problems - more than twice that amount blame Republicans. It's obvious this is a slanted poll, but they could have easily rectified it with a party affiliation question, or at least "Who did you vote for in 2008 for President?" The reporting on this release shows why journalism no longer exists except on the internet. One reporter gave me this quote when I questioned her creditably for not examining the information before regurgitating it: "Actually, reporting the facts as given to you by others without bias IS the very definition of being a journalist." Tip: Don't sen your kid to a journalism school!

  • In reply to Diane Benjamin:

    Well said Diane. What you call regurgitation I call hearsay, but I guess both of us agree that neither is journalism, even though that's what an outlet like the Tribune puts out, even if it is inconsistent from one story to the next.

    I thought that "journalism" was finding out "who, what, why, when, and where" not "Report: Someone said some nonsense" pawned off uncritically {especially proved in reporting on dear, sweet, innocent Blago while being tried, where what his lawyers said was reported as gospel}.

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