So Much for ‘Transparency’: Obama Seals Records of Border Patrol Agent’s Murder

-By Warner Todd Huston

It has been almost a year since U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered in part by criminals using guns — as many as three of them — obtained through Obama’s arming of Mexican narco-terrorists with Operation Fast and Furious. Now, all of a sudden, Obama’s DOJ has sealed records about that investigation, cutting them off from the prying eyes of those looking to investigate to learn the truth about Obama’s failed gunrunning program.

One might recall that Barack “Hope-N-Change” Obama ran for office claiming that he’d run the “most transparent administration” ever. Once safely in office Obama has done little to bring either hope or transparency to Washington D.C. Obviously his penchant for secrecy is now being extended to records concerning to Fast and Furious…

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