Occupy LA Video: 'Get Rid of America and Everything it Stands For'

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Occupy Whatever movement — if it can be called a movement — is at its heart a hate-America movement. With each new video we see this more and more and this cretin at Occupy Los Angeles is just one more example.

An avowed communist, like so many of these people are, he feels that America is the chief evil of the world and needs to be destroyed.

This man wants America destroyed. He is not an outlier at these Occupy events. He is quite typical. And always remember, the U.S. Democrat Party is supporting these people. People that hate America are an important constituency as far as Democrats are concerned.


… From the beginning the votes that they give us are for a very specific purpose, they give us these elections to put the stamp of legitimacy on the crimes and horrors that America commits around the world and the millions of people who’s lives it crushes, degrades, and murders.

You know that’s what this is and no good can come of this, nothing positive. You know I’m a communist, you know, look.

Nothing positive can come about unless you get rid of America and everything it stands for…

The Old Media establishment will not tell America of these people that make up such a large part of the Occupy events. But, oh, if there was just one guy at a Tea Party event supporting some hate-America movement the whole world would have seen it.

The Old Media has allowed these hatemongers at the Occupy events go unreported. They’ve avoided the rapes, allowed the thefts, the thousands of arrests, the property destruction, fires, broken windows, and general unruliness of the Occupiers have gone unreported.

It’s up to you, folks. Tell as many people as you possibly can what these Occupiers really are.


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  • As the handle denotes, i am the guy in the yellow shirt. This "cretin," as you describe him is absolutely not representative of the discussion that was taking place at that very moment. This old man, self-proclaimed communist, was booed, when he said to "Get rid of America and everything it stands for."

    Taken completely out of context. If you direct the camera up to my sign, it is inline (or should be if they know what they are supposedly supporting) with every Tea Party agenda. "Repeal the Federal Reserve Act"

    So who are these Occupiers exactly? I am. I was there to encourage the right discussion, and if you had recorded the entire discussion, I implore you to post that, because that, is what this Occupy movement is all about.

  • In reply to guyintheyellowshirt:

    Well, that makes one of you!

  • These people need to be beaten senseless.

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