New York Billboard Campaign: 'Congress Must Cut $1.5 Trillion'

-By Warner Todd Huston

Bankrupting America has started a new billboard campaign in both New York City and Washington DC urging the so-called “Super Committee” to cut $1.5 trillion from the federal budget this November.

As the supercommittee continues to meet behind closed doors, it’s important they remember what is at stake. Millions of Americans sit out of work, cost of living is rising, and uncertainty continues to hamstring a recovery. They must keep in mind that they’re not working in a vacuum. The policies enacted within the halls of Congress send ripples throughout the country and the world.

So we decided to place some high-profile reminders for the the members of the supercommittee – that Americans are still watching. We placed billboards in Times Square in New York City and in Washington D.C. telling the supercommittee we remember your promises of fiscal responsibility and commitment to place the federal government’s spending back on a sustainable path.

Keep your promise. Check out the billboards below.

Bankrupting America is an educational project that explores the policies hindering economic opportunity and growth in America. The project focuses on the causes of the country’s current economic downturn and the future implications of careless policy-making.

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