More Union Workers Caught Blowing Weed on Break Time

-By Warner Todd Huston

Not long ago a series of Detroit sting-styled TV News reports found autoworkers getting high and drunk during their lunch breaks. Now WJBK has found the same problem with the union workers at an aerospace factory.

Tower Defense and Aerospace Factory Workers Party at Lunch:

The company claims it has “been investigating” the employees. But the fact is, if these workers were not protected by unions they’d have been properly fired the second management realized that they were doing illegal drugs on company property during their break time.

It shouldn’t take a TV expose for a company to be able to fire criminals! But that’s what happens with unions. They protect criminals.


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  • How surprising, a Fox News sting outside a unionized plant. Wonder what they would have found by driving behind, I don't know, every single big box store and non-unionized assembly plant or warehouse anywhere in America. Most likely, the exact same thing.

    I'd like to see the sting on people who pour an airline bottle's worth of vodka or rum into their Big Gulp before heading back to the office. I guess that one's a little harder to capture on video...

    Rather than criminalize people with substance abuse issues - be it legal or illegal substances of their choice - why not evaluate their performance? If they're functioning and not making any mistakes, who is it harming other than the individual? If it is impacting his or her performance, why not try an intervention or rehab (it worked for Limbaugh and scores of other celebs)?

    Must we label them as criminals and call for their heads? Must we frame this as a union problem?

    While we're on the "must" list, must we continue to spend billions of dollars and incarcerate millions of people because they prefer marijuana to alcohol? Let's just legalize it, regulate it, and tax the crap out of it. Why should alcohol purveyors have a legal monopoly?

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