Lennie Jarratt Launches Campaign for State Senate, 31st District

From the Jarratt for Senate (31st District) campaign…

Round Lake resident and long-time education activist Lennie Jarratt has announced his run for the State Senate from the 31st District.

I am running on the platform of supporting families, not government. Too many families in the 31st State Senate District are losing their jobs and homes due to the bad policies coming from Springfield. These bad policies now have Illinois ranked in the 48th worst financial position. Springfield is broke and their only solution it to squeeze more money from families with higher income taxes, high gas taxes, and internet taxes that destroyed extra income for many home based businesses. These policies slow the startup of many small businesses started by families and negatively affect the 1.1 million Illinois small businesses with 5 or less employees.

My track record of holding local officials accountable for their actions puts Springfield on notice that I am coming to change the culture and end the back room deals. Together, we can restore fiscal sanity and once again have Springfield policies supporting families, not government.

More at http://www.lenniejarratt.com/

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