Lemont Tea Party Won't Endorse Local Republican Incumbents

-By Warner Todd Huston

Republican State Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno and Republican State Representative and Assistant Minority Leader Jim Durkin just lost the support of the folks at the Lemont Tea Party.

Lemont Tea Party spokesman Bill Montgomery says that the pair have lost support because “of their poor voting records.”

This is a blow to the legitimacy of the Illinois GOP establishment in the eyes of Tea Party activists.

Bill Montgomery released the following statement:

The executive committee of the Lemont Tea Party voted to NOT endorse Republican State Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno and Republican State Representative Assistant Minority Leader Jim Durkin due to their poor voting records.
For Further Info Please Contact: Bill Montgomery at (630)803-7076 or Deb Stelton at (630)972-9090

We are sending this press release out because of this Saturday’s First Presidential Straw Poll being held at the Lemont Township Community Center. We want to send a message to all IL Republican elected officials and in particular the many who will be in attendance at the straw poll. We have attached both Radogno and Durkin’s voting record. PLEASE review and give us your feedback on how you feel about our so called representatives. You can reply to this email or to our gmail address, lemontteaparty@gmail.com. We are asking you to respond with your opinion or point of view of the attached voting record of our elected officials.

Dear Fellow Tea Party Members & Groups,

I am tired (as I am sure you are too) of the Occupy Wall Street people and their feeble messages. Now is the time for the TEA PARTY MESSAGE to be heard on the LOCAL and STATEWIDE level. We can’t wait any longer, the Politicians of BOTH PARTIES need to hear our message LOUD and CLEAR. So I ask all of you to start a new message to these Politicians – CHANGE YOUR WAYS or MOVE OUT, THE TEA PARTIES ARE COMING!

Please read the following message and Press Release. It is powerful and brings home “the point”. I am very excited at the response we have gotten so far. I have attached a few from individuals from other Tea Parties. START NOW! Challenge the OLD GUARD who have put our local and State governments in a state of disaster! REMEMBER! Most of our members are THE SILENT MAJORITY who will vote!

Denise Cattoni, Illinois State Director of the Illinois Tea Party Patriots, praised the Lemont Tea Party’s decision. In an email, Cattoni writes:

Excellent Press Release Lemont Tea Party!!

Christine Radogno not only votes with the Democrats, but she is intentionally running RHINO Republicans against true conservative candidates in Illinois including, but not limited to, Sam McCann, Kyle McCarter and John Bambanek to ensure that our state of Illinois continues down the broken, Democratic path of destruction, both fiscally and socially.

The only thing worse than her votes for tax increases, and the DREAM Act, to name a few, is her lack of leadership (and no discussion on the floor) of her recent vote for Smart Grid (and zero knowledge or discussion on Agenda 21); yet, she received $38,000 in donations from Ameren/Com Ed.

The McHenry County Blog lists how much the 39 Senators that voted for Smart Grid (SB 1652) received from Ameren /Com Ed in the past calendar year.

-Christine Radogno (R) – $38,000

Perhaps she should read, and attempt to follow, the Illinois Republican Platform if she would like to be re-elected.

Please let me know if you would like this press release sent to all tea parties throughout the state!
Thanks for all you’re doing to bring our state back to fiscal sanity!


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  • As I usually ask when someone sends out a press release or blog post about what they are NOT going to do...so whom are they going to endorse?*

    Maybe this explains the Illinois straw poll (whatever that means) for Ron Paul, but I don't think he is going to be President.

    *And do they really want to add a couple of seats to the Cullerton-Madigan majorities?

  • In reply to jack:

    I wish I knew. But so far there aren't any candidates opposing them in the primaries to my knowledge.

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