Legislation Update: Tell Your Reps to Say NO to Illinois Sex Ed Bill

-By Warner Todd Huston

This week our elected state officials in Springfield may be voting on a comprehensive sex education bill (HB 3027 Amendments 1 and 2) that critics are saying is wholly unnecessary.

It is unnecessary, they say, because there is no urgent need for the law. All school districts are already allowed to teach any sort of sex ed class that they want so a state wide “comprehensive” sex ed curriculum is not needed.

This bill is just an attempt by liberals to push a single, more extreme sex ed curriculum on all Illinois schools despite what local districts might want to teach. Further it removes the control that local school administrators and school boards have over that curriculum.

You can stop this extreme legislation in its tracks by contacting your representative. You can send your legislator a note and tell them not to support this bill by going to the IFI Grassroots Action Center to oppose HB 3027.

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