Hultgren Signs Letter in Support of Multi-Year Highway Bill

From the office of Rep. Randy Hultgren (R, Illinois 14th District)…

Geneva, IL – U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren (IL-14) today announced that he has joined with other House Republicans in sending a letter to House Leadership expressing support for a multi-year highway bill with a long-term, sustainable revenue source.

“I strongly believe it is the constitutional responsibility of the federal government to invest in our infrastructure, and a long-term, multi-year, streamlined surface transportation bill is the only responsible course of action,” said Hultgren, a member of the House Transportation Committee. “Our goal with this letter is to show leadership that we are committed to crafting legislation that provides economic certainty for the transportation and construction industries so they can start rebuilding our nation’s deteriorating infrastructure and promote long-term job growth.”

To view the full letter, click here.


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  • It is good that they want a multiyear bill rather than the couple of week extensions passed only because it was agreed not to have a quorum call.

    However, the linked letter doesn't say what kind of highway bill or what is the sustainable funding source.

    Reports are that since the transit lobby (at least on the CTA Tattler) complained that the gas tax does not prevent tapping into general revenue for highway purposes (even though the same bill funds transit construction), the Republican approach seems to be to cut the appropriation 1/3rd, so as to take care of the problem noted in a manner that doesn't help the complainers. No mention of anything like that in the letter, or taxing hybrids or pure electrics that don't use so much gasoline, or adjusting the gas tax because, as a result of higher gas prices, consumption and tax collections, since they are per gallon, have gone down (as their economists would have predicted).

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