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From the Illinois Policy Institute…

The only way to fix the root problem in Illinois is to cut spending. And there are only a few core areas to focus upon to cut spending: pension reform for current employees, real workers’ compensation reform that will reduce costs to businesses, reforming Medicaid and opting out of the federal health reform, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

All across the state, primary candidates from both major political parties are collecting signatures, endorsements and funding. As they come into your sphere of influence, ask if they are ready to lead by making the tough choices in the areas noted above. If they are unfamiliar with these issues, or do not have a clear plan to solve these fundamental policy challenges, I suggest you think long and hard about whether or not that candidate is prepared to lead, take the tough votes and face the wrath of the entrenched interests that have long dominated Springfield.

On the other hand, if they show themselves to be well-informed and ready to lead, now is a time for engagement and policy activism more than ever.

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John Tillman
Illinois Policy Institute

Illinois is in competition
Noted futurist and author Joel Kotkin visited the Illinois Policy Institute Wednesday to discuss how Illinois can brighten its economic and social outlook. In his remarks, Kotkin discussed the importance of good public policies that will allow people and businesses to thrive. When bad public policies are enacted, people vote with their feet – which is why Illinois has been a national leader in out-migration. To hear more of his remarks, plus his suggestions for steps Illinois can take to improve its business climate, watch this video.

That is “not how things are done!”
In a guest article for the Institute’s blog, Lombard village trustee Peter Breen chronicles the roadblocks he overcame and how he consistently looked to the Illinois Policy Institute for support. If you are advocating for more transparency from your local government – or are interested in knowing how it can be accomplished – this article is a must-read.

Tuesday breakfast event: How “overlawyering” is hurting America
From the right to sue anyone over anything to court takeovers of school funding, legal academia has hatched too many ideas that end up conferring more power on the law schools’ own graduates rather than promoting freedom and justice. Join us on Nov. 8 as we host Cato scholar Walter Olson for a breakfast discussion on this topic. For more information and to RSVP, click here.

Ill. Republicans ask Super Committee to repeal part of ObamaCare
Illinois will have $2.4 billion in unpaid Medicaid bills by the end of this fiscal year, a backlog that will grow to $5.4 billion in 2013 if nothing is done. That’s why Illinois Republicans have asked the super committee to repeal a key provision of ObamaCare to grant our state the necessary flexibility to curb and maintain these skyrocketing costs. Learn more here.

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