Cook Board of Review Candidate Morrison Calls Out Name-Calling, Challenges Opponent's Record

From the campaign to elect Sean M. Morrison to the Cook County Board of Review…

Dear Fellow Republicans and Taxpayer Advocates,

My name is Sean Morrison and I am running for the Cook County Board of Review First District. This letter is in response to a letter published by my incumbent opponent on the Illinois Review and other publications and blogs. I am running for a very important reason: to help strengthen and further advance conservative values in the Republican Party in Cook County politics and to be a tireless advocate for taxpayers.

Had my opponent, Dan Patlak taken strides to improve the current Cook County property tax system while in office, I would not be running. Instead, he has focused on furthering the current state of malfeasance and inefficiency in Cook County government.

To show my good faith and good sportsmanship, after narrowly losing to Mr. Patlak in the last election, I actually contributed to his campaign. I had very high hopes that he would be the candidate he promised. Instead, he has proven himself to be the same status quo politician that is attracted to public office. His primary concern has been to raise funds for his own re-election. He has actively solicited campaign contributions from special interests in amounts that far exceed those sought ever by previous Commissioners. This is a conflict of interest which he should be answerable for. This is politics as usual and we as Republicans and conservatives need to demand more from our candidates and office holders than that. Otherwise, what do we stand for?

I am not interested in an intra-party feud, gossip, rumor-mongering, or spreading falsehoods. I do not believe that is being a good conservative or a good Republican. But clearly my opponent is. He has repeatedly attacked my credibility and integrity on the basis of my past campaign contributions and voting history. Clearly, I am a conservative Republican. Over the last 12 years I have personally donated thousands of dollars to Republican causes, including the Reagan Library. I am an active member of the National Republican Congressional Committee (since 2003) and the Business Advisory Council of the NRCC. In 2005, I was awarded the Ronald Regan Republican Gold medal and in 2007 nominated to serve as a Delegate from the State of Illinois at the House Republican Trust Candidates’ Convention. I share this with you so you know I have a long vested commitment to supporting a strong and vibrant Republican Party.

In 2003, I donated to the Aldermanic campaign of John Sommerville. Despite the differences in our political affiliations, I chose to support Sommerville because I knew two things: (1) this was a non-partisan election with no Republican candidates; and (2) Sommerville would better embody conservative values than his opponent, the long standing Alderman and democratic committeeman of the 19th ward. The contribution that I made to Sommerville’s campaign is minimal as compared to the tens of thousands of dollars that I have contributed to Republican causes throughout the years. And he was much better than having the Democrat machine’s candidate win the election again and again and again.

My opponent also attempts to undermine my accomplishments by citing my voting history. Like most conservatives from the Mt. Greenwood area, we are continually frustrated by the lack of Republican representation on the primary ballot for our local races. For too long, we have let the Democrats control Chicago and the Chicagoland area. Regardless, I have always supported the most conservative candidates possible. My record of embodying Republican principles in business and my personal life speaks for itself.

I have many years of experience of running successful businesses including Morrison Security based in Alsip – businesses that I have started from scratch. My use of modern technology gives me keen insight as to the most efficient methods to be employed at the Board of Review. Serving as Commissioner will allow me to employ those same strategies I have used in my own businesses where I have put over one-thousand people to work. With greater efficiency and lower taxes, we can stimulate the same kind of job creation in Cook County. And we need it more than ever before.

To further advance the Republican Party in Cook County, it is essential that our elected officials demonstrate strong ethics and efficiency. I will provide a new focus for the Board of Review. I am frustrated with the current system that exploits hardworking taxpayers, and I want to change it.

But we need get down to business and elect people who will do what they say and have the experience and the track record to back it up.

Sean M. Morrison
Republican candidate, Cook County Board of Review


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  • The shame in Morrison running is that now all the weight and influence that Commissioner Patlak would have been able to put behind other good candidates is wasted on his effort to retain his own seat. Dan has only been in office since December but has been working hard from day one. It is unfair for Morrison to make these accusations when they are not true. Dan has been doing weekly outreaches into the community to inform voters of how to appeal, he worked hard during the re-districting process to help keep a seat leaning Republican in COOK COUNTY!
    He has been working hard for the people and deserves a full term in office.
    Has Morrison committed that he will work full time at the Board of Review like Patlak does? How does he plan on doing that while running a large company while having a young family? Or does he believe that the $100,000 a year is a part time gig like the Democrats do?

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