The Hultgren Huddle - October 7, 2011‏

From the office of Rep. Randy Hultgren (R, Illinois 14th District)…

This week marked the 888th day since the Senate has passed a budget. To mark this occasion, I joined 35 other freshman members of Congress to tell the do-nothing Senate that, “Enough is enough, do your job – pass a budget.”

Not only have they failed to pass a budget for 888 days, spending recklessly the whole time, they have also failed to vote on any of the dozen pro-growth, pro-jobs bills the House has passed with bipartisan support. It’s time for Harry Reid and Dick Durbin to get serious, pass a budget, and pass our bills that will get Washington bureaucrats off the backs of America’s small business owners and let them hire and expand.

However, I did receive some good news this week: President Obama, at long last, has formally submitted to Congress free trade agreements with the nations of Colombia, Panama, and South Korea.

This marks a long overdue milestone in the implementation of three vital, no-cost, job-creating free trade agreements and I am confident that we will have the opportunity to vote on them in the days ahead. These bills will expand valuable new markets for America’s manufacturers and farmers, helping to create jobs in Illinois and across the country.

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