State Treasurer Dan Rutherford Announces Launch of Financial Literacy Program

Illinois Financial Literacy Program will help high school students develop smart money habits

SPRINGFIELD, Ill., Oct. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — State Treasurer Dan Rutherford yesterday announced the launch of a new, statewide initiative to bring financial education to Illinois high schools. The program is an initiative based on a partnership between the Illinois Bankers Association and EverFi, the nation’s leading platform to teach students the core concepts of financial literacy.

The EverFi financial literacy platform is completely underwritten by Illinois banks and savings institutions that partner with their local high schools to bring this important program into the schools at no cost to the school or the state of Illinois. Financial literacy education is mandated as part of consumer education curriculum in Illinois high schools, and this program enables high schools to meet all of the requirements under Illinois law.

Several Illinois banks already have signed on to the program, sponsoring nearly 40 high schools throughout the state, and more are being added each week.

Speaking at the event were State Treasurer Dan Rutherford who announced the program, State Senator Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon) Republican Spokesperson for the Senate Financial Institutions Committee, Williamsville High School Superintendent Dave Root, Ryan Swift of EverFi and IBA president and CEO Linda Koch.

According to Koch, “The Illinois Bankers Association is very excited to be working with EverFi, one of the most innovative education technology companies in the country. Together, through our partnership, our member banks can help thousands of high school students across the state learn important money management skills to help prepare their future. The web-based curriculum is free to schools, and it is totally underwritten by local banks, which demonstrates our member banks’ ongoing commitment to financial literacy.”

Representatives from three banks that already have signed on to the program also spoke of its extreme value to local communities and to young adults. Representing the banking community

were Jason Barth from Town and Country Bank in Springfield, Kevin Rogers from Philo Exchange Bank, Rob Schwartz from TheBANK of Edwardsville, and Matt Seman from Illini Bank.

About the Illinois Bankers Association

The Illinois Bankers Association is a full-service trade association dedicated to creating a positive business climate that benefits the entire banking industry and the communities they serve. Founded in 1891, the IBA brings together state and national banks, savings banks, and savings and loan associations of all sizes in Illinois. Collectively, the IBA represents nearly 90 percent of the assets of the Illinois banking industry, which employs more than 100,000 men and women in over 5,000 offices across the state.

About EverFi, Inc.

EverFi’s award-winning financial literacy platform uses the latest in new media technologies to create a highly interactive experience for students, including “adaptive pathing,” 3-D gaming, social networking, online animations, video and messaging tools. The platform tracks student progress and reports their scores. After successfully completing each learning module, students are certified in hundreds of core financial topics, including banking, savings and budgeting, mortgages, credit cards, financing higher education, stocks, 401(k) plans, credit scores, insurance and taxes.

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