State Rep Tom Morrison: The Results Are In!‏

From the office of Rep. Tom Morrison (R, Palatine, 54th District)…

A few weeks ago, I asked for your input on several questions regarding our community and our state and I wanted to share the results. As your representative in Springfield, I rely heavily on the input from my constituents. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to share your viewpoint/opinions with me. I am thrilled by receiving over 400 completed surveys from residents within our district, thank you.

Here are the results!

1. What issue/s in state government is/are most important to you?

Topping the list were government spending/borrowing, taxes, public mistrust in government and corrupt elected officials. Also, many social issues were addressed as well as firearm regulations.

2. Do you support legislation that will repeal the 66% income tax rate increase signed by Governor Quinn in January 2011?

Yes – 53.33%
No – 33.33%
Undecided – 13.33%

3. Which of the following measures do you think would be most effective in stimulating job growth in Illinois? (Check One)

Tax incentives for employers who create and keep jobs in Illinois – 40.51%

Repeal the 45% increase in the corporate tax rate enacted in January 2011 – 35.90%

Expand availability of low-interest loans and grant programs to help small businesses and entrepreneurs – 27.69%

Other – 15.90%

4. In regards to the expansion of gambling in Illinois, do you think Illinois should: (Check One)

Allow for the creation of additional casinos and slots at race tracks (including Arlington Race Track) – 37.44%

Only allow for slots at race tracks – 14.87%
Only allow for the creation of additional casinos – 2.56%
Undecided – 12.31% None of the above – 34.87%

5. Do you agree with Governor Quinn in repealing the death penalty in Illinois?

Yes – 38.07%
No – 43.65%
Undecided – 18.27%

6. Please describe how often you use mass transit?

Everyday – 2.56%
A few times per week – 4.10%
Once in a while – 82.56%
Never – 10.77%

7. What is your general destination when using mass transit?

Suburb to Suburb – 5, 2.73%
Suburb to Chicago – 172, 93.99%
Other – 8, 4.37%

8. Do you feel your monthly utility bills are priced fairly for your household?

Yes – 87, 45.08%
No – 72, 37.31%
Undecided – 34, 17.62%

9. Which road in your community is in most need of repair?

Overwhelming responses to repair Quentin and Dundee roads.

10. What do you like best about your community?

Neighbors and sense of community top the list.

11. What do you like least about your community and the state?

Topping the list are taxes along with spending/borrowing, political corruption and pensions. A lesser segment but still strong complains about the local economy, gas prices, traffic/transit and lower quality education. Other issues addressed were rising crime, firearm regulations, illegal immigration and social services.

Thanks again for participating in this survey. Do not hesitate to contact my office at (224) 210-6959 or email with any questions or concerns relating to state issues. In the coming weeks, I will be sending a Capitol Update on issues and legislation as we head into the fall legislative session.

As always, it is a privilege to serve you!,

Tom Morrison
State Representative – 54th District

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