Ill. Policy Institute: 9 of the Top 10 are Charter Schools‏

From the Illinois Policy Institute…

Chicago high schools have long held a tragic reputation. Now, a new group of schools is telling a different story: Students citywide can compete academically when given the chance and a choice.

The Institute’s newest report on education shows that when it comes to ACT scores, nine out of 10 of the top-scoring, open enrollment high schools in Chicago are charter schools. Many of these schools are posting ACT scores previously unheard of for high poverty high schools in Chicago.

And there’s reason to be even more optimistic about these encouraging trends. That’s because this July, Gov. Quinn signed a piece of legislation that will open the door to numerous additional charter schools in Chicago, as well as downstate.

This shows once again that charter schools – by giving parents and students more options in their education – improve the quality of education for everyone in the state of Illinois.

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