Ill. Policy Institute: 21st Century Jobs Crippled with the Stroke of a Pen‏

Last week, we learned that Illinois’ unemployment rate ticked up to 10 percent. In September, just one job was created for every 415 unemployed Illinoisans.

We desperately need stronger private sector job growth. Yet earlier this year, state leaders passed the affiliate nexus law. This law crippled a once-growing segment of online entrepreneurs. Watch and learn how these jobs – jobs that don’t rely on government stimulus spending – are disappearing from Illinois.

As the report we released Wednesday shows, this law is all pain and no gain. It doesn’t fix the problem it was intended to fix. It drives 21st century entrepreneurs out of the state. And it shouldn’t be on the books. That’s why I joined Representative Dave Winters in calling for its repeal yesterday at a press conference at the Capitol. Click here to watch video highlights of that press conference.

Thank you,

Kristina Rasmussen
Executive Vice President
Illinois Policy Institute

Trick or Treat?
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Illinois in 2050
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Illinois job growth
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